Java 8

Java 8 was released 18 March 2014. In Java 8 , many important features were released. With the Java 8 release, Java introduced features like Lambda expression, functional programming, new JavaScript engine, Stream APIs etc.

The new features introduced in Java 8 helped in simplyfying programming. Length of code is reduced when coded in Java 8 . Java 8 enabled functional and parallel programming.

Important Features Introduced in Java 8 :

1. Lambda Expression

2. Functional Interfaces

3. Pre-defined Functional Interfaces
Java 8 introduced some pre-defined interfaces as well. They are as below:
I.) Predicate
II.) Function
III.) Consumer
IV.) Supplier

4. Default Methods in Interfaces

5. Static Methods in Interfaces

6. Method Reference

7. Constructor Reference

8. Date & Time API

9. Stream API

10. Javascript Engine

Examples :

1. Program to Convert String Objects in Collection to Uppercase Using Stream concept

2. Program to Print Even Numbers Using Stream Concept